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Two Big Ideas for 2024

31 January 2024 We meaningfully outperformed the market last year – our greatest achievement to date given how difficult that proved to be in the first “stock picker’s market” seen in a long time.  As much as we enjoy sharing our insights, we are a small operation; insights are the last priority of work. [ Read More ]

Two Big Ideas for 20242024-02-02T00:09:38-05:00

Ukraine War – Strategic Comments

30 January 2024 19:21 EST (last updated) All the West needs to do is give Ukraine ammunition, they are willing to do the fighting. As a former combat infantry officer, I can assure you that was – and fleetingly remains – an extremely generous bargain. All that Mr. Biden needs to do [ Read More ]

Ukraine War – Strategic Comments2024-02-22T22:12:34-05:00

2022 Update Part I – We were ahead of this rally

11 August 2022 Our Founder discusses why we were ahead of the July rally despite bearish views on the macroeconomic outlook and Federal Reserve policy.

2022 Update Part I – We were ahead of this rally2022-08-28T18:00:32-04:00

2021 Update – Part II

22 October 2021 How we see year-end unfolding plus a name we like right here.

2021 Update – Part II2022-08-28T17:58:34-04:00

2021 Update – Dux is up over 45% YTD

27 August 2021 Our Founder discusses specific names highlighting what's worked and what hasn't so far this year, provides an update on some major themes discussed at our last virtual event, and outlines what we're watching going forward into YE.

2021 Update – Dux is up over 45% YTD2022-08-28T17:58:05-04:00