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Changing Attitudes in the US: “Live and Let Die”

06 May 2020 Some Americans' initial and relatively short-lived bravado for flattening the curve has quickly shifted over recent weeks.  Ultimately, this is not surprising as the types of sacrifices that would have been required to sustain a suppression of the outbreak in the US have not been seen in generations.  Now, many people either [ Read More ]

Changing Attitudes in the US: “Live and Let Die”2022-03-05T12:36:11-06:00

Bear Rally or V-Recovery: Depends on Reopening

01 May 2020 Americans have collectively done better than anyone expected; a great credit to how much we can accomplish when we put aside the things that divide us and work together.  Now as we move to reopen, we have to face and overcome some unfortunate facts if we want to win on the next [ Read More ]

Bear Rally or V-Recovery: Depends on Reopening2021-01-20T22:38:39-06:00

Road Map to Reopening

14 April 2020 How we reopen is the most difficult calculation we have faced in this crisis and without a vaccine or treatment intervention, there are no easy answers. Let’s be thankful, though, that we're living in the small window of human history during which that’s even possible – and in our case, most likely [ Read More ]

Road Map to Reopening2022-03-05T12:52:29-06:00

US National Policy and Collective Effort vs. COVID-19

30 March 2020 The novel coronavirus outbreak is a grey swan event that will recalibrate the global paradigm.  The prospect of going through the next year or more until a vaccine could be disseminated to the public is precarious as the US and other societies are facing the types of zero sum choices not seen [ Read More ]

US National Policy and Collective Effort vs. COVID-192022-03-05T12:51:04-06:00