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Road Map to Reopening

14 April 2020 How we reopen is the most difficult calculation we have faced in this crisis and without a vaccine or treatment intervention, there are no easy answers. Let’s be thankful, though, that we're living in the small window of human history during which that’s even possible – and in our case, most likely [ Read More ]

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US National Policy and Collective Effort vs. COVID-19

30 March 2020 The novel coronavirus outbreak is a grey swan event that will recalibrate the global paradigm.  The prospect of going through the next year or more until a vaccine could be disseminated to the public is precarious as the US and other societies are facing the types of zero sum choices not seen [ Read More ]

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How to Navigate the Outbreak

28 March 2020 | Updated: 02 April 2020 There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I know this is surreal to most people – and unless you’ve experienced something like a military deployment, this experience is going to be a bit of a shock.  Don’t worry, though, this event is very survivable. [ Read More ]

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